Why start?

Social Media is my passion and I truly believe in its power and relevance to any aspect of modern life. A strong desire to keep abreast of the latest developments in the exciting and highly dynamic world of Social Media inspired me to start this blog. As a native Russian speaker I have an excellent opportunity to make my observations and comparisons about developments in Social Media both in Russian and English. The Russian web is expanding rapidly, and despite the fact that English is the universal language of the Internet, there are plenty of cultural nuances in the Russian digital universe worth highlighting. The Internet has broadened horizons for individuals and businesses and keeps building bridges between various cultures and societies.However, language difference still is the main barrier that affects the free flow of online communication. In this blog I want to go beyond the language curtain and write about my discoveries of the Russian blogosphere in two languages, relating to and learning from my UK experiences.


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2 Responses to “Why start?”

  1. Victoria Tomlinson Says:

    Great blog, Katya, look forward to learning more about social media in Russia. Do you have any good cases of British businesses who have used social media to help their exporting to Russia? We are delivering workshops for exporters and compiling case studies of good examples.

  2. Katya Trubilova Says:

    Hi Victoria

    I don’t have particular examples yet, but will look for this info and get back to you shortly. What a great theme for my future post!


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