How to go through the 0 comment threshold?

Every time I read a new blog, I pay attention to the Conversational Index Ratio, оr in other words, the number of comments left under each post. I’ve noticed that it’s quite rare for blogs to draw a lot of comments and generate lively discussions. I went through many PR consultancy blogs while pursuing research for my dissertation on the benefits and risks associated with PR consultancy blogs. From a sample of fifty blogs, I observed that despite the fact that many of them were accurate, up to date and well-written they didn’t spark any debates and seemed to languish without any attention from an external audience. Later, I faced the same problem with my personal blog. According to my blog stats people read my blog, some link to it, but I rarely attract comments. This is quite an unpleasant feeling and you start thinking that your ideas are boring. Social media is not the easiest place to become famous.

There are a few reasons why some blogs are more popular than others.  Great copywriting skills, persistence and expertise in a particular area don’t necessarily guarantee popularity. The success of bloggers depends on their personality, their enthusiasm, the amount of time on their hands, genuine passion for digital communications and the ability to get on well with different types of people. Being a popular blogger means being online almost 24/7, always ready to respond or comment, create newsworthy stories, scribble down ideas for new posts and constantly look for opportunities to engage with other bloggers. Nevertheless, blogs are considered as a quick and affordable one –to -many communications channel but blogging is a time-consuming activity requiring a lot of effort and thought. Bearing in mind, that in addition to online activities, there are plenty of things a famous blogger should do offline as well. Such as attending networking events, speaking at conferences, meeting other bloggers, reading and writing books, white papers etc. If you add a full-time job to this list, there will be hardly any space for a personal life or outside interests.

This explains why many blogs don’t seem to achieve a significant outreach in the blogosphere. If you are so busy working on clients’ accounts, running blogs and tweeting on someone else’s behalf, engaging with various target audiences and monitoring the Internet on topics relevant to clients than your own blog suffer. Besides, it’s worth remembering that any post mentioning someone else’s business could potentially result in betrayal of client confidentiality or any other sensitive data. Therefore, some posts on consultancy lack controversial ideas and bold statements. There is no room for debates in this case.

In spite of all these complications blogging is still a very convenient way of sharing thoughts, demonstrating the quality of thinking and showing a willingness to discuss things. The purpose of my blog is to share knowledge and expertise with others and I look forward to reading your comments.


One Response to “How to go through the 0 comment threshold?”

  1. Victoria Tomlinson Says:

    Think all bloggers will relate to this Katya! But it’s very exciting when someone does find your blog and find it interesting enough to leave a comment!

    We’ve just written a blog on some of the things that have worked to generate comments for us – – will you let us know if any of these work for you?!

    Good luck

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