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Social Media Monitoring in the Russian Speaking Internet

March 13, 2011
The social media monitoring tools industry in the Russian speaking countries is still in the early stages of development . Until recently , all monitoring was done manually by using free search tools  such as Yandex.blogs,, Twitter, Facebook and Vkontakte search. The data was presented in Excel, sentiment analysis was carried out and the results were presented in the form of graphs and reports. NetMind is one of the first social media monitoring agencies in Moscow, working specifically in this area. Anna Rokina, the Director of Research  explains the particulars of online monitoring in Runet. From this podcast I learnt about the current state of the industry. Further to this, I used the following presentation whereby she compares all the social media monitoring platforms available in the Russian market. I’ve translated the main function of the each tool and its developers.

Social media monitoring tools produced in Russia and Ukraine.

Brandspotter – produced by marketers and web developers. Offers sentiment analysis, has its own metrics system and is applicable for measuring the efficiency of social media campaigns.

IQ Buzz – produced by IT specialists for social media monitoring
Kribrum – produced by SEO experts and programmers for social media monitoring
Monitorix – produced by programmers for online media and social media monitoring
Youscan –  – produced by online marketing experts and web developers for social media monitoring
Wobot – produced by students of Moscow State Technical University of N.E. Bauman (MGTU) for social media monitoring
Sematicforce – produced by product management, social CRM, web crawling and semantic search professionals
Buzzware – produced by monitoring experts, marketers and researchers for social media monitoring. 

I spoke with Alexander Sirach, the Sales and Marketing Director at YouScan and  Anton Popov , the MD of Buzzware to learn more about these products. YouScan is the first automated social media monitoring platform in Russia and Ukraine, it released to the market in January 2010. This platform’s  clients are  leading digital marketing & PR agencies in Russia and international companies. According to Alexander the main competitive advantage of the tool is its unique web crawling technology. This enables more content to be indexed as they are not solely pulling the data from the search engines API’s. Sentiment analysis is done manually by trained analysts,categorizing results and reporting to clients.
Buzzware’s advantage is that it was created by social media monitoring experts with a good understanding of the specifics of this industry. In addition, the platform has the most intuitive interface and a great reporting system.

So, what about the Western Social Media Monitoring platforms?

As far as I know the  Western tools struggle to develop a good quality of monitoring tools applicable to the Russian Internet. The main challenge has always been the Russian morphology and now it’s the competition with local players. I came across only Radian6 which offers monitoring in the Russian cyberspace. Sysomos claims to  provide multilingual services, but I haven’t received confirmation that Russian is included.

I believe, foreign companies should consider working directly with monitoring companies in Russia or Ukraine. I found prices for their service much cheaper compared to the West. For example the monthly fee for a full monitoring service with an account manager at YouScan is approximately 500 GBP per month and Buzzware  550 GBP per month.

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